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Power of Attorney

At MYM Solicitors, we regularly deal with Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) cases and our clients choose us to assist with the process.

What Is Power of Attorney?

Anyone who is aged 18 or older who has the mental ability to make decisions for themselves can arrange for someone else to make these decisions for them in the future. This legal authority is called “power of attorney”.

The person who is given power of attorney is known as the “attorney” and must be over 18 years old. The person who is giving the power of attorney is known as the “donor”.

A donor can appoint just one attorney, or more than one attorney, to act as follows:

  • “jointly” – they must always make decisions together

  • “jointly and severally” – they have to make some decisions together and some individually

  • “jointly” on some matters, and “jointly and severally” on others


For example, someone can appoint attorneys to act jointly when making decisions over their money, but state that only one attorney, acting independently (or severally), should decide where the person should live. The person has the right to say the attorneys must act jointly on all their affairs.

If more than one attorney is appointed to deal with the same issue, they must act jointly unless the power of attorney states they do not need to. The attorneys must agree before they act on the issue.

Why Choose MYM Solicitors For This Service?

MYM solicitors years of valuable experience has taught the team to always put crucial emphasis on client orientated services. As a result, our client’s feedback and reviews are always in our favor just because of the excellent services provided by us.

MYM Solicitors specialist in Immigration, Family, Civil Litigation, Driving Offences, Personal Injury, Employment, Landlord/Tenant, Conveyancing, Commercial Leases, Criminal Law, Benefits, Housing, Wills/Attestation/Probate, Power of Attorney and Statutory Declaration.

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