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Licencing Applicaitons

MYM Solicitors in Slough understands licensing applications and appeals for business or commercial premises. It will probably be the most significant and one of the largest transactions that you will ever be involved in.

Licencing of Business Premises

The costs of applying for a new premises licence or to vary a premises licence can vary depending upon the particular needs of the establishment in question. For that reason, we cannot provide a fixed fee for such work. It will be appreciated that the variety of establishments can differ massively in respect of the type and size of premises, what licensable activities will be taking place, whether it is located in a residential area, whether a large public event and so on. We set out below a range of potential costs but will be able to tailor them more to your specific enquiry once we understand your requirements:


Simple application: £1,500 - £4,000 + VAT and disbursements (based on 5 - 18 hours at £240 + VAT per hour)


Medium complexity: £3,000 - £6, 000 + VAT and disbursements (based on 11 – 25 hours at £240 + VAT per hour)


High complexity: £5,000 - £15,000 + VAT and disbursements (based on 18 – 55 hours at £240 + VAT per hour) – this could include an appeal to the Licensing department with a full hearing.

The prices above cover such matters as:

  • Taking your instructions;

  • Advising you on the promotion of the licensing objectives within your application;

  • Advising on the type of plans required;

  • Completing and submitting the application to the local authority and all other responsible authorities;

  • Making arrangements for the advertising of the application; and

  • Dealing with objections from local residents.

The disbursements involved may include Counsel’s fees for the more complex cases (particularly if there is an appeal process instigated) and also the various Licensing Department fees will be payable and can be found on your local council website, together with the costs of advertising the licence application in the local newspapers.

Why Choose MYM Solicitors For This Service?

MYM solicitors years of valuable experience has taught the team to always put crucial emphasis on client orientated services. As a result, our client’s feedback and reviews are always in our favor just because of the excellent services provided by us.

MYM Solicitors specialist in Immigration, Family, Civil Litigation, Driving Offences, Personal Injury, Employment, Landlord/Tenant, Conveyancing, Commercial Leases, Criminal Law, Benefits, Housing, Wills/Attestation/Probate, Power of Attorney and Statutory Declaration

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