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All LPAs must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian in order to use them.An LPA is a legal document that allows an individual (known as the ‘Donor’) to appoint someone else (known as the ‘Attorney’) to make decisions and/or manage their affairs on their behalf. An LPA is a powerful document. There are 2 types of LPAs; one that deals with health and welfare decisions and the second that deals with property and financial decisions. Examples that cover the health and welfare LPA are choosing care given to the Donor, which care home to admit the Donor or most importantly, whether to instruct medical professionals to prolong medical treatment or switch off the life-sustaining treatment if no more can be done by the doctors. Examples that cover the property and financial LPA are making payments from the Donor’s bank accounts, signing legal documents, making decisions in respect of investments, etc.

Our Fees

LPA for single person – 1 type of LPA                         £600 plus VAT and registration fee

LPA for single person – both types of LPA                 £750 plus VAT and registration fee

LPAs for a couple – 1 type of LPA for both                 £850 plus VAT and registration fee

LPAs for a couple – both types of LPAs for both       £1,400 plus VAT and registration fee

In addition to our fees stated above, there is a registration fee payable to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) which is £82 per LPA.  This fee may be either reduced or exempt in certain circumstances.

Our Service and Estimated Timescales

Your instructions may require two meetings. The first meeting involves taking your instructions which include for example, whom you wish to appoint as your Attorney(s). The second meeting involves signing the forms, which is subject to strict rules. Depending on your instructions, we estimate that your matter will take between 1 – 2 weeks from taking your instructions and completing the LPA forms. The LPA forms are promptly submitted after the second meeting and there is a statutory waiting period of up to 6 weeks by the OPG. Overall, we estimate to have the registered LPA within 3 months of submitting the same, providing there are no queries raised by OPG.​

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