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MYM Solicitors in Slough are divorce and Family Law specialists have expertise in dealing divorce, separation, children, financial, domestic abuse / violence, occupation, non molestation orders and more. MYM solicitors and team will will provide secure guidance and advice to plan the future which involves your children, your finance and maybe your business.Divorce or relationship breakdown can be a stressful and emotional time. The one going through this stage of life will need to make important decisions think about the future.

We know any type of disputes can be hurtful, stressful, dynamic and heart-breaking – our solicitors, specialising in Family Law, are eager to help all our clients in a sympathetic and professional manner through such difficult times.

MYM Solicitors can help you decide what appropriate steps to take next – personally, financially and legally. The team of experts can not only provide you advice and support in divorce and separation but also with other family law issues, such as pre-marital agreements, domestic abuse, child abduction, non-cohabiting couples and services for non-married couples. Couples who are looking to marry make sure you are protected if regretfully the relationship breakdown, especially of children are involved. You may just want to know your rights and understand the implications for your children or your financial position for divorce or separation.

All our qualified solicitors are expert in all aspects and will guide you through your stressful situation whether it’s domestic abuse, divorce or separation.    

To discuss your needs or options contact us today.

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